Thursday, August 24, 2006

Galaxie interview and author appearance

Finally, got time to post it. As seen in this fortnight's issue of Galaxie:


What are the inspirations for your stories in Dark City?
Urban legends, newspaper stories of rape, murder, kidnap, the Canny Ong incident and movies or shows like The Machinist, The Eye and Desperate Housewives.

Some of the titles of your stories are intriguing (like Session One, The Six Million Dollar Man) while others (Coup of the Century, The Maid) are more direct. How did you come up with the titles?
I’m really bad at giving titles to my stories but I do try to make them punchy.

While writing Dark City, were you spooked by any of the stories?
Not at all. I am hardly frightened by anything I write or read. Nothing really disturbs me.

What do you look for when you read a book?
I am drawn to good plots, the ideas that drive a story and great story-telling craftsmanship.

Can you name some of your favourite authors?
Michael Crichton, Dan Brown, Lord Jeffrey Archer and Stephen King’s early work ‘cause his later ones are verbose.

What kind of books do you like to read?
I read any book that has an interesting plot, even chick lit, but I find books on serial killers like Jeffrey Dahmer (the one who inspired Silence of the Lambs) fascinating. I love getting into the mind of serial killers.

What’s in store for you after this?
There are plans to turn Dark City into manga. I’m also working on a children’s book.

Oh, I have my first author appearance this Saturday!

It's at MPM 1 Utama, 1.00 pm - 2.30 pm. I honestly don't know if I can stretch it out that long. Don't worry, it's mostly Q and A and inspiration stuff. Please come if you can to support me! (Afraid no one will turn up)


Argus Lou said...

Things are coming along really well for you. I'm so glad you had let me help. If I were in Malaysia, I'd attend your talk and ask naughty questions. ^_^

By the way, I've finally figured out how to post new stories in my blogsite - after accidentally posting a story as a comment to the first entry. Never got 'A' for computer studies. Duh.

Xeus said...

Girlie, you can ask naughty questions anywhere. Are those new stories going to be a book? You can do a preview of the first chapter:)

Me, I daren't show anyone anything yet from the new book because it needs a massive rewrite, especially since I decided to change the ending (and thus, I have to change the beginning.)