Saturday, August 19, 2006

Quill mini interview

There's a mini interview with me in this quarter's Quill, MPH's magazine for writers.

Here it is:


A collection of pulp fiction that will entertain and keep you turning the pages.

Who is Xeus?

Xeus* likes to write racy, explicit stuff. “I wanted to write without the fear of censorship, and in Dark City, the publishers let me go a mile.”

In Dark City: Psychotic and other Twisted Malaysian Tales, all seven deadly sins are explored in great detail.

Xeus took two months, between having a full time job, to write the first draft, another month to rewrite it and yet another for editing. “I wrote for one or two hours each day. Sometimes during weekends, I’d finish an entire short story in a day.”

Reviews from the trade press have been great, with accolades like ‘remarkable’ and ‘it’s that good’ being tossed around.

*a pseudonym

I also met Ted and his better half at the writer's workshop today. Hi Ted!! Looking forward to your first book. I'll post more on this workshop later.


Ted Mahsun said...

Haha! Was great to finally meet you! I hope I didn't... er... shock you or anything when I went to greet you :p

By the way, sorry to tell you... I don't think I can make it for your event next week, cos Sharon has asked me to read a story at a writers's reading on the same day. But no worries, I'll come and cheer you on the next event ya?

Xeus said...

It was nice to meet you too! No probs about next week. Do come for the MidValley one at Sept 9th can? More on it when I get the details.