Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Dark City 2 - calling for submissions

Ok guys, it's a go. Please do contribute if you want to and do spread the word around. Remember, this will be one of the very few anthologies which actually pays!

Dark City 2

For the Dark City sequel, which is scheduled to be published in April 2007, author Xeus is calling for short story submissions. Dark City 2 will be an anthology of dark and twisted Malaysian tales much in the tone of the first book.

The submission criteria are:
1) Each short story should contain around 3000 - 8,000 words. Please use double spacing and Microsoft Word.
2) Each plot must be in the same vein as Dark City 1, which are stories about the darker side of Malaysian life. The short story genres can be contemporary, horror, fantasy, science fiction, suspense, romance, Roald Dahl-style ironic etc.
3) The stories must meet the English and storytelling standards of the first book. (In other words, the editor will only select only what is publishable)
4) Each short story must contain a twist which hopefully no reader will see coming
5) This is open to published and unpublished writers of all ages. For unpublished writers, this allows you an opportunity to be published and to use this in your literary resume. You will then be able to sell your work more easily to a future publisher.

Your story will be selected on the strength of its plot, your ability to beguile the reader, and the shock impact of your twist. Your story must be concise, gripping and satisfying! Selected contributors will be paid RM 150 and 4 free books for each story. You can submit as many stories as you like.

The editor reserves the right to conceptually edit selected stories in the purpose of making them more appealing and ask you for a rewrite.

Closing date is Feb 28th, 2007. Good and publishable stories will be selected on a first come, first serve basis. So if you’re interested, get cracking now!

Stories are to be submitted to

For more information about Dark City, log on to


Lydia Teh said...

Xeus aka Speedy Gonzales, I've put up a notice on my blog already.

Meimei said...

HI, can i have the permission to link you to my blog?

Ted Mahsun said...

Post's up on mine too. I'll be looking forward to the horror editing stories that are soon to come... hohoho...

Argus Lou said...

Xeus, I must say I was the first to post your 'ad' -- it's on - not that anybody reads it, ha ha!
Lydia, the cold air here makes me faster. ^_^

Ted, reading and editing are two different jobs. Xeus reads really fast. Then she can ask for rewrites from the authors and/or hand the chosen ones to an editor - like moi, ahem, ahem! - who will do the fine-toothed-comb editing, which is not 'horrifying' or time-consuming IF the stories are good and well written in the first place. Which they will be, since Xeus is handpicking them.

Ted Mahsun said...

Sorry, Argus. What I meant to say by 'editing' was the role of an editor to select the best stories, and not really the actual 'editing' work itself. My apologies!

Xeus said...

Dear Lydia, Argus and Ted, thanks so much for the speedy links!! You are all pretty speedy yourself!

Argus, I think you have more faith in my ablities than I do!

Mei Mei, you don't need my permission to link us. You can do anything you like.

Argus Lou said...

Ted, no worries. ^_^
Are you helping Xeus pick the stories then? It can be fun... heh heh.

Xeus, you have more abilities than both you and I think you do! If only you had an extra dozen arms and legs and could be in three places at the same time, then we're talkin'.

bibliobibuli said...

me too have blogged it and am putting the word out on e-groups. good luck with this, it sounds like fun.

Xeus said...

Argus, thanks for the faith :) Maybe I can morph into an octopus!

Sharon, thanks so much. Do encourage your creative writing class to write in. No worries - I will always conceptually edit and ask them to rewrite if I think it has potential.

The Eternal Wanderer said...

Am getting to work on one of my stories now! I've also made an announcement on my blog. Hopefully, you'll get tonnes of entries!! That are good of course :)

All the best Xeus!!

Xeus said...

That's wonderful, Eternal Wanderer! Thanks so much. Remember, with twist stories, start with the end in mind and set out from the beginning to deceive the reader :)

Kak Teh said...

xeus, read abt this in Lydia's. good Luck.

Xeus said...

Thanks, Kak teh :)

Namra said...

This is certainly interesting. I have sent you an email regarding a few inquiries. Hope to hear from you soon

Namra 3:)~>

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Crap -- I missed this one. Is another edition planned?

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Anonymous said...

I can't help but notice that at the right side of the blog, it's titled 'Dark City 3 submissions'. When I clicked on it, the link for Dark City 2 came out. Is Dark City 3 coming out?

Anonymous said...

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