Monday, January 08, 2007

My first royalty check!

Just got my first royalty check today! So exciting. I know what Yvonne Lee meant now
when she
said "It's an immensely satisfying feeling, more satisfying than anything you've ever earned 
in your whole life, even though it's not much."
Know what I'm going to do with it?

After deducting my agent's fee and the part of my medical bills not covered by insurance (transportation, flights etc), I'm going to donate to charity. I have already identified 2 causes, 1 for AWAM, because that's a cause hardly anyone wants to donate to,  and 1 for a friend who has been so brave and has struggled so much with medical bills.

I just feel I have been so blessed with so much, that I never knew what I had until it's been taken away (a.k.a being paralysed temporarily.) So I'm going to help others less fortunate
than I am.


Ted Mahsun said...

Congratulations! Very noble of you.

Lydia Teh said...

Congrats! How come you all get your royalty cheques so quickly one? I have to wait for mine until cobwebs spin around me.

Good on you to donate to charity.

Yvonne Lee said...

Congrats, Xeus! I must share with you my very first experience with royalty cheque. I got it four months after my book came out last year. Fast leh!

Just because the company closed account two months after my book came out. So I got my payment for the sale of the books for that two months.

Imagine my horror, the day I arrived home to discover the cheque flooded on my lawn!!! My letter box wasn't secure and it slipped right on to the rain soaked lawn. So, I went thru all the trouble of sending it back, and getting a new one too took long time as they had to get big bosses' signature.

When it was time to get my second cheque, again, it's rainy season but I made sure the letter box cover is fixed and l/box always dry.Of course must's one more zero more than the first four-figure cheque.

I got my cheque safe and dry three days ago. I took a picture with the cheque too! I can't believe I earned it. as of closing of account then, more than six thousand books sold.

I didn't celebrate because I'm using the celebration money for donation instead. Xeus, congrats to you too for thinking the same. Let's donate together!

Xeus said...

Ted, it's the least I can do. I'm not desperate for money, at least not yet :)

Lydia, they closed accounts on Dec 31st. So now they're paying all the writers. They only pay on the FIRM copies sold, that means the ones that will never come back. This was for the first 3000 copies sold. Also at the end of the year, the bookstores tend to return books, and then they can calculate what is FIRM or what has been returned.

I didn't get royalty on those that have not been delivered yet or like those in limbo, like some of the National Library orders.

Xeus said...

Yvonne, very fast loh! I actually went to collect my check because I had to sign receipt. Also went to buy some copies of my own book, because I'd been giving presents away and stuff, and he gave 10 to me freelah. (Maybe felt sorry for the way I looked.)

Congrats on 6000 books sold!! Sequel leh? I still can't find your Malay edition.

BTW, next time you're in MPH Subang Jaya, can check whether DC got stock or not? When my friend went there 2 weeks ago, she said they told her they were out of stock. Since you so pally with the manager, can help yes? Hee hee. I will also do the same for you whenever I go to a bookstore.

Popular Ikano has your book on very nice display, BTW, on a side table in the Malaysian section.

Yvonne said...

Thanks for the checking. Will do that for you the next time I go there. I was at MPH Sunway Pyramid and Bangsar Village, Kinokuniya only got two on the shelf.

Maybe you can ask for replenishment?

My Malay edition should be going for printing anytime now, according to the boss. Dunno laa...until I see it and then start gripping about how many gremlines coming up the happens, right?

Jenn said...

You're amazing, xeus!

Lydia Teh said...

Xeus and Yvonne especially, you're 'rich' authors, I'm a pauper. Congrats, both.

Xeus said...

Lydia, with Honk, you sure going to be as 'rich' as Yvonne.

Jenn, I'm sure you'd do the same for your soon to be published books.

Anonymous said...

Hey, women! Hope I can follow in your decent and compassionate footsteps sometime in the future.

Congratulations! May all the positive energy of the cosmos abide by you and your loved ones.


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