Friday, March 02, 2007

Please suggest a title for Dark City 2 and win something!

I'm going down the Lydia way and using this blog for pitching competitions!

Okay, Dark City 2 has closed for submissions and I've received over 50 entries. I'm picking about 14 and writing 1 of my own. (Sigh, been putting that story off for over 1 year because of the research involved. Where am I going to find that chemistry professor? Anyone knows one?)

Anything left over which is really good will go into Dark City 3. (especially if the same writer sends in more than 1 entry). I'm trying to give as many people a chance.

So, please suggest a title for Dark City 2 and the winning entry will win a free copy. (I know it's not much, but it's the fun of participating, right? Hee hee.)

The title should be DARK CITY 2:____________________

(This is something in the vein of Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith, Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest, Lord of the Rings: Return of the King etc get the drift.)

Maybe even something to reflect the participation of so many authors.


CLOSING DATE: 20th March, 2007.

Anyway, check out Kenny's new poster. Pretty cool, huh? Kenny's designing the cover for Dark City 2 as well, so he would need your title pretty soon.


Ted Mahsun said...

Ooh! Kenny's doing the cover? This should be cool. Expectations are running high now, Kenny! Don't let us down!

btw, would the title sound better if there was no "2" in it?
e.g.: Dark City: [title]

or would that just confuse readers down the road...?

Gette said...

I'm gonna ditto Ted's suggestion. I don't think it'll be confusing. Unless people are not paying attention.

Kenny Mah said...

I love competitions!! Can I join as well? (Unless I'm getting a free copy for designing the cover, *hint, hint*)

JY said...

Here we go! (Eternal Wanderer, are you paying attention? I'm counting on you to pop out the nifty ones.)

Dark City 2: Death and Paradox

DC2: Leave Your Fears in Front

Death Comes A-Knocking

Setting Fear Loose in Kuala Lumpur

Knocking on Hell's Door

(Arrrgghh! They sound really b-a-a-a-d. Ha ha.)

(Xeus, maybe consider a totally different title and leave out the words 'Dark City' altogether because this time there are so many contributors? Or is it already a lucrative franchise?)

Argus Lou said...

Hey, Kenny! That's a great poster - very entertaining and boasts mileage. I mean the more one looks at it, the more things one finds amusing or thought provoking.
Excellent job.

Xeus said...

Ted and Gette, just worried people might not equate it with the Dark City franchise. You know, Malaysians :)

Kenny, you are getting paid! That's why you're seeing the talk terms!

Argus, Dark City is already a lucrative franchise. That's why the name is in. There's a 3rd book too. Anyway, keep those ideas coming!

Xeus said...

Sorry forgot...of course you can join, Kenny :)

Jenn said...

Dark City 2: If only you knew

Sets the mood and piques one's curiosity at the same time. I would totally pick up the book just to see what it is I don't know lol.

So excited!!

Xeus said...

Good call, Jenn! You can submit more than 1 entry :)

Lydia Teh said...

Xeus, great idea! Argus, your creative juices overflow. Will come back later with suggestions.

Xeus said...

It was your idea, Lydia :)

bibliobibuli said...

dc2: the death toll rises

Xeus said...

Interesting, Bib.

Argus Lou said...

Lydia, I want to see the pulp of your creative juices.

Bib, yours reminded me of Semi-Value and his rising toll. Good one! ;-)

Xeus, here's more:

DC2: Body Count

In the Heat of Intrigue

The Smell of Casualty

The Charm of Villains

The Night Is Hot

Death Beckons

Hot Nights

Hot and Humid

(Holy Tamale! I've gotta go back to my work now.)

Jenn said...

Dark City 2: The untold

(hints at secrets that have been kept untold)

Dark City 2: A different light

(playing with dark and light - means stories told from various different angles)

Dark City 2: Great unexpectations

(Pretty straightforward)

Xeus said...

Thanks Argus and Jenn. The title can be one word as well, e.g: Dark City 2: Deception.

I will compile everything then run through in a blog entry so everyone can pick their faves.

Tunku Halim was suggesting I shouldn't have : in the title, but Kenny and Eric says nowadays, people are expecting this thanks to Pirates of the Caribbean.

Xeus said...

I just thought of another one myself (God knows I suck at titles). Dark City 2: The 7 Deadly Sins.

Kenny Mah said...

Wow... so many comments, how to catch up?

Thanks, I'm glad you like the poster.

I like Jenn's Great Unexpectations, though Bibliobibuli's Death Toll Rises got me laughing my head off... Kept thinking of a certain minister...

I did say that, but I also think it's a bit of overkill. So I'm okay either way, subtitle or none. But the competition is definitely a great idea!

So now it's my turn:

DARK CITY: Bad Nights

DARK CITY: Secrets & Lies

DARK CITY: Darkness Falls Again

DARK CITY: Sins in the City

Aiyo, mine all so cliche one... :P

Xeus said...

Kenny, tis cliches that make the world go round :) Dark City 2: Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Xeus and other writers

Ted Mahsun said...

Dark City 2: Strangers in the Night?

:p talk about cliches!

gRaCe said...

Dark City 2: Tales of phantoms

Dark City 2: Stories be told!

Dark City 2: Mysteries unfold

Dark City 2: Twisted Tales of Difference

some sounds weird. hahah... hmm...i'll think of more later. ;o)

Xeus said...

Ted and Grace (hey, that sounds like the title of a new sitcom), keep them coming!

gRaCe said...

ther's a ring to it huh, Xeus? heheh...i think there's already a sitcom with the name Will & Grace. ;o)

Yvonne said...

Dark City: No worse than this

Dark City: Like no other

Dark City: Taking horror to different heights

Xeus said...

Keep 'em coming, Grace and Yvonne (that sounds like another sitcom too :)

Lydia Teh said...

Argus, I'm no good with titles :(

Here's a try :

The Darkness Within

A Kaleidoscope of Twists

arguslou said...

Lydia, those are good.

However, here is an essential tip (methinks!) for 'contestants':

Do not repeat the words 'dark' and/or 'city' in any form.

It's like in a newspaper hammer headline. One uses entirely different words in the subtitle, which gives more info.
Killer leaves 11th victim in Merdeka square

Ted Mahsun said...

Dark City 2: A World of Fears
Dark City 2: Manifest of Urban Horrors
Dark City 2: In which the celebrated raconteur, Xeus, along with her motley crew of able storytellers, chill and alarm you with tales of urban horror and intrigue!

Sorry, I couldn't resist the last one! :D

argusLou said...

Heh heh! Funny, Ted. Imagine the title taking up the front cover and running over the spine to the back cover.

Xeus, a few more:

Dark City 2: Malfunction Junction

Dark City 2: Twisted Minds

Dark City 2: Avengers and Other Psychos

Dark City 2: Lunacy Reigns

Dark City 2: Reins of Terror

OK, bye for now! *goes into corner to gag* ^_^

Encaitar said...

Dark City:Feast of the Dying Saints
Dark City:Goodnight...Darling.
Dark City:Seeping Deeper
Dark City:The City of Lost Tears

These are my suggestions. I'm still editing my story though.

Lydia Teh said...

Argus, thanks for the tip!

DC : A Kaleidoscope of Shadows
DC : Murky, Morbid, Multifarious
DC : Mingled & Mangled

kakekakke... I should start writing rhymes for cards.

Xeus said...

Keep 'em coming, guys. And even if they don't get picked, keep those taglines for your upcoming movie scripts or greeting cards for psycho axe murderers!

argusLou said...

You're welcome, Lydia. You're on a roll! Xeus, I hate these contests; they twist my already twisted mind.
Here goes more:

Dark City 2: Heads Roll & Other Fresh Morsels

Dark City 2: Lady's Fingers & Members of the Clubbed

Dark City 2: Twists & Dances of Death

Dark City 2: No Moon Tonight

(Think this cloudy, dank weather is getting to me.)

Anonymous said...

Hi Xeus,

Maybe, "Dark City - The Journey Continues"


arguslou said...

DC2: Seedy Tours

DC2: A Tour After Sundown

(Hey, people! Is this contest over? Where are more entries?)