Sunday, March 16, 2008

Oh Malaysia, I love you

That's why when I voted in my old school, Sri Aman, I went in with a vision of you in my mind. I went in visualising:

- a Malaysia where no corruption exists, where my hard-earned money going into considerable taxes would fuel a world where open tenders are declared, the best man gets the contract based on merit and funds are well spent on education, health and good transportation for the masses

- a Malaysia where there will be a minimum wage so that the hardcore poor will forever be eradicated

- a Malaysia where scholarships and promotions are awarded on how well you do, not who you know

- a Malaysia where the colour of your skin is no longer of consequence

- a Malaysia which can compete in the world economy, where investors are not given the runaround of endless red tape

- a Malaysia that is safe, where we can go about our business without physical threat to our safety, where the police exists to serve us, the people, and are given a minimum wage to exist so they will no longer feel the need to take bribes

- a Malaysia that is tolerant to newcomers from other Asian and African countries, who might one day be Malaysians too, where citizens do not feel the need to treat other people from less fortunate nations as though they are pariahs

Malaysia, I voted for you.


Argus Lou said...

Great post, Xeus. I share your sentiments.

We need to be more patient with waiters who come from other countries 'coz they might not understand much of what we're saying.

Now let's hope and pray for a much improved Malaysia in the days to come.

Lydia Teh said...

Great list!

Xeus said...

Gals, I just came back from Burma. You know we have a lot of Burmese waiters right? And most people here don't treat them well?

In Burma, they treat us so well!!! I'm feeling so ashamed.

Argus Lou said...

Wow, how exciting! You're really going places, Xeus. Was it Yangon you were visiting - for work? Did you see any saffron-robed monks? What is Burmese cuisine like?

Xeus said...

Yes, Yangon, always for work :) You know I wouldn't travel for pleasure, Argus, my holiday is staying right at home. Yes, many monks and everyone wears their equivalent of a sarong, even to work. Burmese cuisine is excellent, especially their signature noodles, Mohindra.

Tunku Halim said...

A very good list indeed. The country is ablaze with thoughts about the elections and the country's future.

Anonymous said...

My dear, this is a very good list indeed, as the others have already stated. This reminds me why I took the trouble, with some friends, to travel all the way back to our home state of Malacca to vote. Because we believe in Malaysia still, and in our future.

We need more Malaysians like you lah...

Xeus said...

TH, you should come back and campaign for MP!

Kenny, Bandar Melaka is in good hands! I can totally see you being an MP too! (Blogger Kenny Mah wins by 30,000 majority.)

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