Saturday, December 16, 2006

Lydia's launch and MPH initiatives

Lydia had a most successful launch of Honk! if you are Malaysian today at the MPH Share a Gift
Carnival in Crowne Plaza Mutiara. There were children (some of them her own) tooting the 'roti'
horn and toting huge placards of her book cover. I thought the launch was extremely well done
and her book cover and endorsements by other personalities like Adibah Amin, Yvonne Lee, Kevin Cowherd and Phua Chu Kang were absolutely fabulous.

(I couldn't endorse it myself because I'm a pseudonym. Anyhow, I am credited for helping edit it.)
All photos at her blog.

Next, I had a long chat with Dato Ng (CEO of MPH Publishing) and Eric Forbes (Editor of MPH
Publishing) and these are some of the things you might be interested in:

1. MPH needs more editors! They are expanding, publishing more books than ever before. So please submit your name to Eric if you're interested. His blog is linked from here.

2. They also need more illustrators! Ditto the above.

3. MPH Online can deliver within 2 days to your home! And guess what, they will also deliver overseas. So anyone who has been asking where to buy Dark City (or any other Malaysian book) can go to

4. Calling all you book bloggers. Are you interested in meeting up once a month?
MPH will have a new store at Bangsar Village Phase 2. They're thinking of hosting this meeting, and throwing in tea! Interested?

5. Quill, the MPH magazine, is looking for more articles about writing. Interested? Submit to Renee Koh, who addy is in the mag.

Anyway, the chat was very fruitful and the outcome was that we might be having several book projects going with MPH. So much to do after I get back from my surgery on Monday!



Lydia Teh said...

Hi Lynette, thanks for coming to the launch. Yes, MPH really did a good job. You've got the knack for getting things down.

Will blog about it, but alas, something's wrong with my graphics program and I won't be able to get it fixed as I'll be away for a few days.

Xeus said...

That photo of yours is sexy as hell, Lydia! Eric did mention you must be the only author to have 3 photos in her book!

We'll all collectively see each other when we get back.

Doey said...

Xeus, you are like a little bird that comes chirping with insider news for people like me, unable to be the little bird myself. Heh... I wanted to get to know Eric, but so shy to inconvenient him with my whiteboard.

eh, you wore very nice yesterday. I regret not dressing up. hehe!

Xeus said...

Yvonne, I'm sure Eric would've loved to meet up with you! He's very nice.

Ted Mahsun said...

Agreed! Met Eric for the first time yesterday, and he was very nice. Complimented my latest review too! *blush blush*

Book Bloggers meet every month? With TEA? I'm there! (I want Earl Grey.)

Honk! is better than I expected! I found myself laughing and grinning and guffawing in public while reading it yesterday! Congrats to Lydia!

eyeris said...

am still wondering if i can call myself a 'book blogger', sicne there's so much other nonsense on my blog... hehe

Lydia Teh said...

Xeus, where got sexy, Xandria is the sexy one lah. I sent MPH 3 pix and they decided to use all 3, so no harm. My bro's (photographer) hard work in rendering the pix picture-perfect is not wasted :)

Yvonne, so you are Doey. Was wondering who is it. Eric doesn't bite, he's nice with a capital N.

Ted, that's a lovely comment. I'm not responsible if people think you're pscho, okay?

eyeris, why not? As long as there are book reviews.

ilene said...

Lynette thanks so much for your autograph. My daughter and I truly appreciate it. So we finally met this mysterious writer of "Dark City"!

Yvonne Lee said...

What surgery? Hope you are ok, you are your usual chirpy self :)

Gee....looks like I had missed all the fun. What to do? work, work work....can't get away as I don't have 'coolie' to stand in for this 'coolie' yet....

Next time, perhaps. I'm sure Lydia will be having book talks soon. (Please it be on a Sunday....)

T. Hal said...

I like Earl Grey too or maybe a Cappucino. But for me, I'll only be able to meet up once a year! Whose going to bring the cake? Oh yeah, I'm not a blogger yet . . . still working on that one!

Anonymous said...

Hi everyone, I'm back after surgery. Half my face is in temporary paralysis, can't even close my right eye. Sigh. Have to sleep with an eyepad. There's a story to all this suffering somehwere, I can betcha. Hmmm, first chapter to next book planned.

Ilene, it was nice to meet you too!

Ted, Lydia is very humorous, isn't she?


Eric Forbes said...

Welcome back, Lynette!

Xeus said...

Thanks Eric!