Friday, December 01, 2006

New blog look and call from Thailand

How do you like the new blog look? I spent 3 hours shuffling things around and it still looks a little

Anyhow, I got this call from an American guy called Geoff, who runs a website at . This one previews all the Thai books. He wants to review Dark City for the Malaysian part of this website for expats and visitors to our neck of woods.

He really loved Dark City, especially Scarlet Woman and The Maid, and he asked me, "How did you get into the mind of such low-lifes?" To which I replied something like, " takes a low-life to know another low-life, so it was kinda easy writing about them."

Anyway, look out for Yvonne Lee and her new Malay translation of 'A Sky is Crazy.' Sure to skyrocket to the Malay bestseller charts soon, and I can tell ya, Malay books sell by the hundred thousands.


Lydia said...

Xeus, I prefer this to the black blog. Easier on the eyes. But the MPH poster is too big, can't see the rest of it.

Starting to go regional eh? All the best!

Yvonne's book is all set to top the BM book market.

Xeus said...

Thanks Lydia. I'm having trouble with the MPH poster thing, can't seem to shrink it. Looking forward to your book launch.